Sudoku Lessons

Are you constantly been harassed and beaten due to inadequate Sudoku skills?  Do you dread attending social functions because of the inevitable Sudoku competitions?   Embarrassed by being bested at Sudoku by small children?  Denied admission to Prestigious University because of a low score on the Sudoku portion of the SAT?  Suffering from Sudoku night terrors and Rubik’s Cube flashbacks?

Suffer no more!  Stop by and in less than two minutes I’ll show you a simple single-block strategy that’ll solve 90% of Sudoku puzzles directly, and the rest with a small amount of trial and error.  Beaten no more, the pursuing crowds will step back in awe when you boldly assert that Sudoku is too simple for your Vast Intellect.  Proudly register your brain at the local police station as a Deadly Sudoku Weapon.  After learning from the unofficial Sudoku advisor to Barack Obama, you’ll enjoy your new life as a lean, mean, number-filling machine!

Note: No fee, but there is a tip jar.


~ by secondhandparanoia on October 17, 2009.

One Response to “Sudoku Lessons”

  1. Isn’t Sudoku lessons kind of like math. I didn’t enjoy math.

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