An Exotic Weekend of Interest to No One

Earlier this week I found myself pondering a mysterious possibility:

Would it be possible to ride a camel, a llama and an elephant, all during the same weekend?

I mean a ride, not being led around a tiny ring with small children laughing and parents clutching them tighter while giving you odd stares. And let’s make it “local” to San Diego.

The answer turns out to be yes, but barely, and the most difficult animal to locate surprised me.

The plan.

Start midnight Friday with a 9 hour drive straight to Carson City, NV.

Arrive Carson City, NV. Breakfast, ride camel for two hours at the Nevada Camel Company. Turn around, and drive for 8 hours to Perris, CA.

Arrive Perris, CA. Dinner, now 9 pm. Sleep until 7 am. Breakfast. Ride elephant for two hours at Have Trunk Will Travel. Drive for 1.5 hours to Julian, CA.

Arrive Julian, CA. Lunch, now 2 pm. Ride llama for two hours at LeeLin Llama Treks. Drive for 1 hour back to San Diego. Celebratory dinner.

The hardest animal to locate for riding? Yes, it was the camel. Elephants are harder, and llamas are surprisingly easy


~ by secondhandparanoia on July 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “An Exotic Weekend of Interest to No One”

  1. It’s been exactly two years since you have posted anything to your blog… do you think you’ll ever post again?


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